Korean Middle School Student Kidnaps And Sexually Assaults A Woman In Her 40s


It was reported in Korean media on October 17, 2023, that a 15-year-old (international age) middle school student had kidnapped and sexually assaulted a middle-aged woman on October 3, 2023.

The perpetrator, last name Yoon, approached a woman in her 40s when she was on her way home from work at around 2am. He offered to take her home on his motorcycle. That was when he kidnapped her. On the other hand, the victim was drunk at the moment and mistook him for someone she knew. That was why she got on the motorcycle.

He asked her if she was headed towards Nonghyub Bank, and she said yes. Then, he offered to drive her there. Rather than heading there, he headed to a nearby elementary school in Nonsan. Yoon told the victim to close their eyes and strip before sexually assaulting her. He strangled her neck and hit her, before making her drink his urine. He threatened that he would harm her daughter if she reported him, even filming her with her camera. Things went on for around an hour before he escaped with her belongings including her phone. Everything was caught on CCTV at the elementary school.

Yoon was caught that same day by the police. He was only in his third year of middle school. Yoon was not intoxicated or drugged. The motorcycle he was riding was also one that was stolen. He had no priors and claimed that he only meant to steal her money but things escalated.

 This happened recently. 

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