Korean Man Saves An Elderly Woman’s 18 Million Won Savings That Was Accidentally Thrown Away


When two men were throwing out a table in an apartment complex’s waste area, one noticed something unusual about a mattress nearby. He was in for a shock when he peeled the mattress cover back.

Korean man examining the mattress.

The mattress was stuffed with 18 million won ($13,459.10 USD) in cash.

The 18 million won hidden in the mattress.

Instead of keeping the money for himself, the man immediately called the police. After the police documented the money and investigated the apartment complex, they found its original owner and discovered how the money had been thrown away.

The police arriving to document and count the money.

The money belonged to a grandmother in her eighties. She’d saved up the 1 million won ($747.73 USD) monthly allowance she received from her son and stored the money in the mattress. However, she hadn’t told her family about the hiding spot for her savings.

So when their house was under renovation, her children accidentally threw out the old mattress to make room for new furniture.

The elderly woman and her family were grateful to have the money returned.

 He immediately called the police. 

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