Korean Future Assets Firm Ranks The Global Power Of Each Of HYBE Labels’ Groups


A capital asset company in South Korea, Mirae Asset Securities, recently released a market report based on the global performance of the artists under the Big 4 companies. This covered SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, HYBE, and YG Entertainment. Here’s a look at the power ranking of the artists in HYBE. This covers all the artists across all of HYBE’s different labels.

It is scored against 80 points total. The average across the Big 4 companies is 21 points, while HYBE’s internal average is 34. This means that HYBE’s average artist power ranking is higher than the average of the Big 4 companies in total. The 80 points are divided into four categories that hold 20 points each. They are digital music, recognition, album sales, and live performances.

BTS ranks first place, with 80 out of 80 points. They scored full marks! In second place is BTS’s maknae Jungkook, with 53 points. He was not scored for live performances for his solos yet, as he only began promoting as a soloist recently.

BTS | People

SEVENTEEN ranked third, with 50 points in total. They lagged behind in digital music points, with a 4 out of 20 score. They were pulled up by recognition and album sales at 19 and 15 points respectively. NewJeans is doing well for a rookie group. They ranked fourth place with 45 points. They have not been performing live globally for long, hence the 2 out of 20 score in that category. TXT comes up a close fifth with 44 points. They scored high in recognition and live performances, with 17 and 13 points respectively.

NewJeans | HYBE

Suga ranked sixth with 39 points, and ENHYPEN scored 38 points, coming in seventh. Next is Jimin with 36 points, followed by V with 31 points. LE SSERAFIM came in tenth place with 30 points. J-Hope, Jin, and RM follow with 27, 23, and 19 points each.


The last three teams in rank are &TEAM in fourteenth place, fromis_9 in fifteenth, and HYBE’s youngest group, BOYNEXTDOOR comes in last with 4 points. This is reasonable as they weren’t scored for digital music and live performances, having not promoted globally yet.

Ranking chart. | Mirae Asset Securities

The chart is based on the most recent 5 years of promotion for each artist.

 Check out the ranking here. 

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