Korean Fans Reportedly Sexually Assaulted By Saudi Arabian Supporters At The “AFC Asian Cup”


On January 30, Saudi Arabia took on the South Korean national team in front of 30,000 Saudi Arabian fans in the round of 16 at the 2024 AFC Asian Cup.

The match, which was held in Qatar, saw Korea defeat Saudi Arabia (4-2) in penalties but was overshadowed by allegations that some Saudi Arabian fans had sexually assaulted and started fights with Korean fans.

Korean fans awaiting the match against Saudi Arabia

News outlets reported that Korean fans who attended the game lamented the lack of security, with fans stating that Saudi Arabian fans went on as far as to sexually molest Korean women.

There have been incidents where Saudi Arabians have started fights with Korean fans. What’s worse, there are cases in which women have been molested.

As we (Korean fans) aren’t all able to come together, I am afraid something might happen after the game.

— Korean football supporter

One news report revealed that Korean media members were also subject to abuse by Saudi Arabian fans.

Saudi Arabian fans also hurled profanity and taunted Korean reporters. They are showing they have absolutely zero manners.

— My Daily

Stay tuned for updates.


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