Korean Dating Show Star Addresses Dating Rumors With BTS’s Jimin


Heart Signal 2 star Song Da Eun has been swept up in dating rumors with BTS‘s Jimin for quite some time now. Due to the repeated rumors, she finally addressed the claims.

On October 20, 2023, she uploaded an Instagram story to address the claims.

Please ask other people instead of me about things I’m not related to. I’m not insane. I know how scary fandoms are. Stop trying to make me scared by doing all these things that you could be sued for. Now and before, I’ve been gathering materials from Instagram YouTube, etc. There are quite a few who are asking about the photos I’ve uploaded before. I thought that even if I uploaded a photo today, they would claim that I uploaded it [at a different time] in the past. Since they don’t know how I spend my day, I don’t reply to such comments.

— Song Da Eun

Initially, many netizens wondered if the two were dating because of the similar items they had in their houses. From paintings to rugs, netizens claimed that it was too many to be a coincidence. Various netizens began accusing them of dating and threw hate at Song Da Eun for creating posts that drew confusion. Many such netizens claimed that she uploaded certain photos at specific dates and timings in order to create the illusion that she was dating the star. For example, many claimed that she was insinuating something after she posted an Instagram Story of the movie Allied. Jimin had once recommended the movie to fans.

Jimin’s comments about the movie (left) and Da Eun’s post (right).

This is not the first time that Song Da Eun has had to deny any relation to Jimin. Hopefully, the rumors will be put to rest now. You can read more about initial accusations below.

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 She was on “Heart Signal.” 

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