Korean ARMYs Are Appalled By Protest Trucks Sent To HYBE By Controversial BTS “Fan” Community


Netizens reacted to protest trucks that were sent to HYBE complaining about BTS‘s renewed contract.

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On September 22, an online post titled “The Truck Sent To Protest Against BTS Re-signing With (HYBE)” went viral.

In the post, the author uploaded photos of several protest trucks parked in front of HYBE’s building.


The photos show the trucks criticizing HYBE for being biased against certain members and for not proactively protecting BTS members from malicious comments and rumors.

theqoo “We are against BTS re-signing with HYBE, the label that discriminates certain members.” “We are against BTS re-signing with HYBE, the label that is pressuring them to re-sign.”

“We are against BTS re-signing with HYBE, the label that doesn’t protect the members from malicious rumors.” “We are against BTS re-signing with HYBE, the label that is biased in how they support certain members.”

According to netizens, a controversial community of fans were the ones who sent the truck. Netizens reacted to the protests truck, with many criticizing the fans who sent them.

“Those people (who sent the truck) aren’t fans. Who do they think they are?” “Please, will those crazy people in that community and the people fighting with them on this post disappear together?” “How are they fans?… It’s been years since all of the normal fans left that community, and now only the crazies remain.” “Wow, they are the worst.” “I mean, why are they trying to butt in the members’ business. Why would fans care where the members sign with.” “There is no way that there are normal fans left in that community. Their community seems like a gathering place for the crazies.” “Why would they spend money on the trucks when the members already re-signed?” “I was wondering who would do that until I learned who it was. Those aren’t real fans.” “Sigh, why did trash creep out?” “That community is not for real fans. Real fans don’t go there.”

Meanwhile, HYBE recently announced that all BTS members would renew their contract with the label. You can read more about it in the link below.

BTS Will All Officially Renew Contracts With HYBE And BIGHIT MUSIC

 The community is notorious for starting malicious rumors against the members. 

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