KISS OF LIFE’s Natty Once Again Stuns K-Pop Fans With Her Gorgeous Visuals And Figure


Though KISS OF LIFE debuted only about six months ago under the small Korean entertainment label S2 Entertainment, they’ve already captured a lot of K-Pop fans’ attention with their unique style of music and mature concepts.

Many fans find it refreshing that the group debuted with all adult members, especially in an era where people have become increasingly critical over the young debut ages of many idols these days.

KISS OF LIFE | S2 Entertainment

All of their members have been getting plenty of individual attention for their beautiful visuals and the skills they bring to the group, but Natty was already fairly well-known as a trainee before she debuted with KISS OF LIFE thanks to her participation on SIXTEEN and Idol School. She also debuted as a soloist back in 2020 after training for seven years.


Her strong dancing abilities and position as KISS OF LIFE’s all-rounder have made Natty many more fans already; add on her beauty and charm, and it’s not a surprise she’s already making a name for herself in the K-Pop industry.

Recently, she collaborated with popular fashion brand Calvin Klein, releasing some stunning photos that show off her incredible physique in a black sports bra and pants that showcase the brand’s logo.

She looks cool, confident, and carefree in the photoshoot, and her visuals suit Calvin Klein’s brand perfectly!

Natty is no stranger to more “risqué” outfits and bold looks, and many fans love how comfortable she seems in her skin — deservedly so!

A video was also shared of Natty dancing to her solo song “Sugarcoat” while wearing the Calvin Klein ensemble.

natty dancing to ‘sugarcoat’ x calvin klein

— ່ (@kiofism) January 31, 2024

Reactions to her collab with the brand have been met with a lot of praise and admiration on social media!

dancing her song to her dream collab YEAH YEAH

— Waiting for my pastaaa (@chromratica) January 31, 2024


— rai &| pluto lvr (@jaydhmu) February 1, 2024


— mouse on mousic (@gooddaymp3) January 31, 2024


— sar (@HANN1EBUG) January 31, 2024


— elle saw svt again 🩷🩵 (@aeijaze) January 31, 2024

The photos were also shared on a forum post, where more netizens shared their appreciation for her toned figure and overall beauty.

Natty and the rest of KISS OF LIFE definitely have a promising future ahead of them!


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