Kiran Rao’s reaction to being called Aamir Khan’s wife after divorce proves she is a classy woman


Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao announced their separation years back, but till date, the filmmaker is called the superstar’s wife and now ex-wife. Kiran who is all set for the next release as a director Laapataa Ladies has been getting candid with the media and speaking her heart out to them. In her latest interview, she was asked about how she feels when still called Aamir Khan’s wife or ex-wife. The answer that she had proves she is a classy woman and gives a damn about these labels by the people.

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Kiran Rao is aware that not many people still know her by her name and she doesn’t care. In an interview with Zoom, Kiran Rao stood by the grounds and mentioned that she would have been depressed by being reduced to just a he but has a strong sense of self. “I am routinely asked, even now at the airport people go like, ‘You are Aamir Khan’s wife, right?’ They might not even know my name, but the association is directly with Aamir, and I have become accustomed to that. Though now I have to say, ‘Ex-wife’. It doesn’t bother me honestly, because personally, I have always had my own interests, my own friends, and my own life, which I actually actively worked at having. I think for anyone in marriage, it is very important to have their space and identity.” Kiran Rao is even coming independently with the film and has not produced it under Aamir Khan’s production the reason she gave was that Laapataa Ladies is a small-budget film and everything she directs doesn’t need to be produced by the superstar. In her recent interview Kiran who is still cordial with her ex husband Aamir mentioned that how he was deeply affected by the failure of Laal Singh Chadha as the film was very close to his heart.    

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 Kiran Rao’s addresses to still being called Aamir Khan’s wife after divorce and this is how she feels being called reduced to just someone’s wife. 

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