Kiran Rao reveals why ex husband Aamir Khan didn’t produce her film Laapataa Ladies


Kiran Rao is right now gearing up for her directorial film Laapataa Ladies. The ex-wife of the superstar is back at doing what she loves most and its direction. And this is the first time that her directorial will be released under her production. And there is a lot of charter around why Aamir Khan did produce her film this time. It is because of the dynamics of their changed relationship? Aamir and Kiran announced their separation quite a time and despite the divorce, they both continue to be cordial with each other. But this time Kiran didn’t want Aamir Khan to produce her films and she has her reasons for the same. Latest TV News and Entertainment News are now available on BollywoodLife on WhatsApp In an interview with News 18, talking about releasing Laapataa Ladies under her production Kindling Pictures, Kiran said” I can’t expect Aamir to make everything that I make. Aamir particularly works in a way where he doesn’t do anything just because of his son, his daughter, his wife, or his brother the idea should work first. Also, we should make it within the budget that would support the idea.”. Kiran Rao even clarified that it’s not that she would never work with Aamir Khan Production. “It’s not because I don’t want to work with AKP in any way. I feel this is a space (her production house) that gives me the freedom to develop what I want to make.” She added, “Aamir Khan Productions has given me space for whatever I want to do. I have been involved with every production. I will be attached to AKP always. I feel it’s mine. I am one of the directors and I won’t leave it. I am spiritually and emotionally connected to AKP.”. Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan have a son together, Azad Rao Khan. For how Aamir Khan is on a sabbatical and soon he will announce his comeback film.

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 Kiran Rao talks about why she didn’t want Aamir Khan to produce her film Laapataa Ladies after their divorce and she has a valid point. 

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