Kiran Rao makes a big revelation about her marriage with Aamir Khan; ‘Did it because…’


Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan have mutually parted ways and despite their divorce, they continue to be friends with each other. Currently, Kiran is basking all the success and glory for her latest release Laapataa Ladies, which is produced by Aamir Khan. In her latest interview with She The People, Kiran revealed she and Aamir Khan were happily living together before marriage and they only got married due to parental pressure. BollywoodLife is on WhatsApp. Get all the latest Entertainment News and TV News updates instantly.   Kiran Rao reveals she and Aamir Khan ended up getting married due to parental pressure In the interview, Kiran said, “I’ve always felt that (marriage as an institution is up for a rethink). Aamir and I lived together for a year before we got married honestly, we did it more because parents and you know all the rest of it, and even at that time we knew that it’s a great institution if you can function as individuals as well as a couple within that institution” In the same interview Kiran also got vocal about her divorce with Aamir Khan,” The thing we don’t talk about enough is how marriage tends to stifle, especially women. How you could find perhaps a way to be yourself within the institution. That’s something up for debate and discussion. Esther Perel (American psychologist) has written an amazing book on it, and it’s very interesting. As apes, we were living together. This nuclear family setup is a pressure, and it’s a pressure especially on women. There’s so much responsibility on the women to run the house, keep the family together. In fact, women are expected to keep in touch with the in-laws, to be in touch with your husband’s family. That’s a lot of expectation”. Aamir and Kiran got married in 2005 and in the year 2021 they announced their separation, the ex couple have a son Azad Rao Khan together.

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 Kiran Rao reveals she got married with Aamir Khan due to parental pressure, reveals they lived in together before marriage. 

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