Kim Yoo Jung’s Beautiful Older Sister Makes Surprise Wedding Announcement


Actress Kim Yoo Jung‘s older sister is getting married.

Kim Yoo Jung Kim Yeon Jung | @kyeonj_/Instagram

On November 9, Kim Yeon Jung, the older sister of Kim Yoo Jung, announced that she was getting married.

In an Instagram post, the actress’s older sister writes that she was getting married on November 11.

Hello everyone. Have you guys been well? We are getting married on November 11.

I didn’t think I would be sharing wedding news so soon… I should have told you in person, but I had mixed feelings about randomly contacting people to tell them I was getting married. Because of this, there are people that I couldn’t contact.

Please understand it has been very hectic, and I apologize to the people I couldn’t contact. I would be very grateful if you would understand. I would also like to thank the people who are attending.

— Kim Yeon Jung

Lastly, Kim Yeon Jung asked her many fans to bless the couple’s marriage.

The weather will become much colder from this week on, so please take care of yourselves. I hope you look at our union kindly and lend us your support.

— Kim Yeon Jung

Kim Yeon Jung then shared beautiful engagement photos. In the photos, Kim Yeon Jung and her handsome fiancé.

@kyeonj_/Instagram @kyeonj_/Instagram @kyeonj_/Instagram @kyeonj_/Instagram

Meanwhile, Kim Yeon Jung is well-known for being the sister of Kim Yoo Jung. Kim Yeon Jung debuted as an actress in 2017 through a web drama and featured in Lee Yo Han‘s music video for “Wishful Thoughts.”


 Congrats to the couple! 

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