Kim Woo Bin Makes Rare Public Display Of Support For Girlfriend Shin Min Ah


Kim Woo Bin publicly supported Shin Min Ah.

Kim Woo Bin Shin Min Ah

On November 27, Shin Min Ah’s upcoming movie, Our Season, held a VIP screening. Our Screening tells the story of a mother who is given three days on earth to be with her daughter, who runs a small restaurant using her mother’s recipes.

On this day, it was reported that Shin Min Ah’s long-time partner, Kim Woo Bin made an appearance. This was a rare public appearance for the couple, who are known to keep their relationship low-key.

Kim Woo Bin reportedly dressed in all black and took time out to take pictures and shake hands with fans.

Kim Woo Bin

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah first acknowledged their relationship in 2015 and have been publicly dating for 9 years. The couple recently appeared in the K-Drama Our Blues, albeit they didn’t have many scenes together.

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You can check out the trailer for Shin Min Ah’s upcoming movie in the link below.

 The couple have been together for nine years! 

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