Kim Kardashian reunites with American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy for a legal drama; furious netizens react


Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular stars in the country. The American socialite, entrepreneur turned actress has landed another project with Ryan Murphy, best known for creating the American Horror Story series. Yes, you read that right. Kim Kardashian is going to act again and this time, she will be playing one of the leads, if reports are anything to go by. Scroll down to know what netizens have to say about Kim Kardashian and Ryan Murphy’s reunion.

Kim Kardashian to star in Ryan Murphy series on Hulu

BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News. A report in Deadline reveals that Kim Kardashian will be getting her very own scripted series this time. She previously starred in American Horror Story: Delicate. The Ryan Murphy series is described as a high-end, glossy and sexy adult procedural. And it will be landing on Hulu. It is going to be the first series for Murphy with Disney after his deal. The deal is in negotiation, claims the portal. She is likely to play the most successful divorce lawyer and the owner of an all-female law firm. The script for the upcoming Hulu legal drama will be penned by Jon Robin Baitz and Joe Baken.

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Netizens troll Ryan Murphy and Kim Kardashian over new series

Netizens are livid with the very report that has surfaced about Kim acting again. Fans did not like Kardashian’s acting in AHS and had called her out for the same. And seeing Ryan casting her again despite the flak for their first collaboration has made them face-palm themselves. Netizens are talking about the need to fix AHS rather than making a new series. Check out the reactions here:

Kim Kardashian: I want to be a lawyer but really don’t want to work that hard actually becoming one.

Ryan Murphy: no worries Kim I’ll just make a series where you can pretend to be a lawyer. Normal people: teatime75 (@teatime75) December 4, 2023

Daily reminder that Ryan Murphy threatened to sue the strikers

Francois Arnaud’s Succulent Areolas (@flowerdrums) December 4, 2023

I’m suspending my presidential campaign to portray a fake lawyer in the next Ryan Murphy soap opera.

THEE COO Badass #WUkraine #proabortion (@calichicacine) December 4, 2023

ryan murphy worried about making new shows when he needs to be focused on fixing AHS

mae saw john cena (@heelmone) December 4, 2023

Screw you Ryan Murphy, you Biphobic jerk.

Lord Saddler (Brainiac Era) (@LSaddler13) December 5, 2023

my fuel is writers/producers who abandoned their show which was one of the biggest hits of the decade to focus on other projects thinking they’d be just as big and they actually flopped and so did the original show. ryan murphy and d&d i’m looking at you.

h. (@saeratargayryen) November 29, 2023

ryan murphy needs to be stopped!!!

#CloseTheCamps (@fkcoconutwater) December 4, 2023

Ryan Murphy hates women and he wants to use Kim for views, lame loser sell out.

nbd (@ncikk_) December 5, 2023

why have we as a society not stopped ryan murphy

jean smart’s glucose monitor (@mirrenelle) December 4, 2023

Ryan Murphy is a plague on this earth.

Its whatever (@HellaOverIt) December 4, 2023

ryan murphy needs to be taken out

emmy (@lunasleo) December 4, 2023

if it’s a modern ryan murphy production it’s gonna be garbage

ted(dy) / (@teddy__xcx) December 4, 2023

I have been begging for years to stop Ryan Murphy. This has gone too far

Sarah (@sarahg528) December 4, 2023

Ryan Murphy please stop putting Kim K in your projects, she’s a shit actress.

??? feLISA Navidad? ?? (@Lisa62177) December 5, 2023

#RyanMurphy sucks if he does this crap. Kim Kardashian is POS

@PeggyBrava ? ??? (@PeggyBrava) December 4, 2023

Because it’s not like there’s real, TALENTED actors who need the work, the money & the publicity. Porn stars are better actors than Kim Kardashian. If Ryan Murphy really thinks that he can make her a serious actor, then that channel’s name should change from Hulu to “Delulu.” ?

DollEyes4961: Over-Educated, Single & Proud (@DollEyes4961) December 4, 2023

I don’t want to see Kim kardashian in tv or film. She’s not an actress #hulu #ryanmurphy #tmz

Brooke Palmer (@Bravoaddict) December 4, 2023

Casting and more details about Kim Kardashian, Ryan Murphy legal drama series on Hulu

Talking about the series which is said to star Kim Kardashian, the idea was pitched to the manager of Kardashian and Jenner siblings and also the executive producer of the show. And they readily agreed. Then the Kardashians, Murphy alongside the Jenners sold the series to the Hulu platform. The preliminary casting is said to have begun already with Muprhy, Kardashian and Jenner turning executive producers for the show. They are looking for actresses who can play glamorous and accomplished partners in Kim’s firm in the series. It is being that Kim will also get and A-list actor to romance her in the series. The production might begin in late 2024 or early 2025. Kim is already on the way to becoming a real-life lawyer. She has passed the initial exam and is studying for the bar exam too.

 Ryan Murphy is reportedly going to reunite with Kim Kardashian after American Horror Story. This time for a legal drama. Are fans excited for their reunion? Find out… 

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