Kim Jaejoong Publicly Calls Out Sasaengs, Exposing Two Decades Of “Horrifying” Behaviors


Kim Jaejoong has taken to his Instagram to publicly call out sasaengs and specific sasaeng taxi services in Korea that encourage and assist in inappropriate behaviors that invade and violate artists’ rights to their privacy and safety.

Kim Jaejoong | @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

Sasaeng” or “sasaeng fan” is a Korean slang term formed from the combination of “private” and “life” and represents someone whose fascination with specific idols becomes obsessive and harmful to the idol.

Sasaeng behavior can include invasive actions toward artists, such as stalking, purchasing or selling idols’ private information, harassing idols and their family and friends, and more.

A photo of Kim Junsu posing with his musical co-star that went viral after netizens noticed the number of sasaeng “fans” in the background. | Yahoo Live Singapore

Jaejoong has endured many incidents with sasaengs during his two decades in the entertainment industry, including his time promoting as a member of TVXQ.

TVXQ faced many violating incidents at the hands of sasaengs, including stalking, trespassing, theft, and being chased.

Jaejoong has been vocal about the traumatic experiences he’s faced over the years and still continues to face to this day.

Second Generation Idol Kim Jaejoong Reveals The Worst Cases Of Sasaeng Stalking He Experienced For 12 Years

On his Instagram story, the veteran idol exposed sasaengs who constantly follow him and use taxi services that specifically aid sasaengs in their extreme and illegal behavior.

Jaejoong explained that the taxis surround city blocks and communicate with each other to keep track of celebrities’ movements, profiting off of sasaengs who want to follow specific idols.

Sasaeng taxis waiting every block. The drivers follow me relentlessly, saying they have to do what the passenger tells them to do. They communicate with one another using the radio, as if this is some sort of a mission. They make a profit off harassing me emotionally and wasting my time. It’s as if you all have a professional manual for how to do this.

— Kim Jaejoong

A “sasaeng” was spotted watching Jaejoong through his window.

After collecting black box footage of the six vehicles involved, Jaejoong revealed that he was taking legal steps against them.

But times have changed. I obtained black box footage of all six vehicles and plan to collect more. The law will deal with those of you who violate other people’s private lives and find joy in causing pain.

— Kim Jaejoong

Image used for illustrative purposes only. | Yonhap News

He then shared more about his “horrifying” interactions with sasaengs, including one who vowed to be at his wedding if he “ever [got] married,” proving they have no intention of stopping their behavior after two decades of harassing him.

I’ll never forget when one of you told me, ‘I’ll be at the wedding if you ever get married.’ It was horrifying, but I certainly do hope you show up so you can get arrested there. It’s been 20 years. Let’s put an end to this.
I haven’t had to do so in a while, but here I am—checking behind me when I’m eating, making sure no one is following me while I’m walking.
I’m busy running away from you all, trying to make money off me.
Isn’t it about time that you let me go already?

— Kim Jaejoong

Kim Jaejoong’s Instagram story calling out “sasaengs” | @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

Taking a video of one of the taxi drivers, Jaejoong expressed his disgust at the behavior of sasaengs who call themselves “fans” and shared that he hopes his hoobaes never have to endure the same experiences.

| @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

I can’t believe these are my ‘fans.’
I hope my hoobaes don’t ever have to experience this.

— Kim Jaejoong

He concluded his Instagram stories by sharing the business cards the sasaeng taxi services use to attract international fans with the promise of seeing their favorite stars “in real life.

In reaction to the business card, he wrote, “This is exactly why you sasaeng taxi drivers are worse than the sasaengs who ride them.”

A “sasaeng” taxi service business card advertising in Japanese and Chinese. | @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

Are you still stuck looking at your favorite stars on the TV screens?
You, too, can see them in real life!
Check out our tours.

— Translation of the Korean text on the business card.

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 “It’s been 20 years. Let’s put an end to this.” 

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