Kettan Singh once again apologises to Karan Johar, says ‘I am a big fan of your work’


Comedian Kettan Singh has once again apologised to filmmaker Karan Johar after mocking him on a comedy show. The Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani filmmaker took to his Instagram a few weeks ago and slammed Kettan Singh for making fun of him with a poor mockery and expressed being hurt and disappointed. Sooner the rant by Karan Johar went viral on social media and Ketan apologised to the filmmaker but he didn’t react to the apology and it looks like he hasn’t yet forgiven the comedian. BollywoodLife is on WhatsApp. Get all the latest Entertainment News and TV News updates instantly.

Watch the video of Kettan Singh dancing like Karan Johar on his favourite song ‘Radha’ from Student Of The Year’


Kettan Singh recently was present at a media event where he interacted with Instant Bollywood and on being asked if he has something to say to Karan Johar, he once again apologised to him and said that he is a fan of his work and nothing was personal. Kettan added that it was just his skill and he mimics only those people whom he is very fond of. Karan Johar hopefully might accept the apology this time. When Karan expressed his disappointment and slammed the comedian, Ekta Kapoor came out in his support and wanted this bullying culture to be cancelled at this level. What Karan Johar said “I was sitting and watching television with my mom…and saw a promo of a reality comedy show on a supposedly respectable channel… a comic was mimicking me in exceptionally poor taste…I expect this from trolls and faceless and nameless people but when your own industry can disrespect someone who has been in the business for over 25 years it speaks volumes about the times we live in…this doesn’t even anger me it just makes me sad!” We wonder of the filmmaker will move on and forgive the comedian?

Watch the video of Karan Johar

 Comedian Kettan Singh who was slammed by Karan Johar for making fun of him on his show, once again apologises to the filmmaker. 

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