KBS And Makestar Partner Up For New Boy Group Survival Show


KBS will be partnering with Makestar for a new boy group survival show.

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, KBS will be launching a survival show to create a new global boy group. The show is tentatively titled Make Mate One and will be broadcast as early as May 2024. This show would be the first survival show from KBS since The Unit in 2018.

Make Mate One will create a boy group of six or seven members, as the final number is not yet confirmed. It has been stated by Ilgan Sports that the contestants have already entered their dorms and are preparing for their performances.

Make Mate One is in partnership with management agency Makestar, home to actors Park Hae Il, Soo Ae, and more. While they primarily manage actors, they plan to start managing idols too through this program.

 It’s been 6 years since The Unit. 

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