Katha Ankahee spoiler alert: Katha takes a stand for Viaan, will they go against everyone to get married?


Katha Ankahee Hindi TV Show upcoming twist, September 18: In the latest track of Katha Ankahee, Katha and Viaan return home and Maya reach Eearthcone to find out about Viaan and Katha. She wants to know in which hotel they had stayed. But Ehsan comes and switches off the lights. Well, we see that Maya has gotten some clue about someone trying to hide these secrets. Finally, Katha (Aditi Sharma) and Viaan (Adnan Khan) wedding ceremonies start. But will Maya and Tejji finally accept KaViaan or will they make another plan?

Katha Ankahee Upcoming Twist

In the upcoming track of Katha Ankahee, we see Kailash Garewal perform one ritual where he gives Viaan the talvar as tradition and ask him to always protect Katha. Well, the Haldi ceremony has started, and we see Tejji getting emotional to see Viaan as he is finally getting married, but we see Maya (Anjali Mukhi) will bring another twist and reveal the truth of Katha and Viaan’s dark secrets in front of Katha’s family. Let’s wait to see the twist: What will Kailash Garewal do? Will he hit Viaan? Or will he be ashamed of himself for not helping Katha? In the future track of Katha Ankahee, we may see that finally Maya and Tejji’s plan will work and Kailash Garewal decides to cancel the wedding, but it might be possible that Katha (Aditi Sharma) will take a stand for Viaan and she will show everyone the truth of the society. She may say that Viaan (Adnan Khan) has rectified his mistakes, but in society, there are many who exploit women. The upcoming track of Katha Ankahee is going to be as dramatic as it is entertaining. Let’s see what will finally happen. Will Katha and Viaan finally get married?

Katha Ankahee is one of the most popular Hindi TV shows, and the latest track is very entertaining as well as interesting as Katha and Viaan’s secrets are revealed in front of all. Will Katha and Viaan finally get married after this twist and turn? Let’s see what happens next.

 In the Hindi TV show Katha Ankahee, we see KaViaan’s past is exposed in front of everyone. Will Katha be able to make everyone understand the real evil in the society? 

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