Kate Moss’s Conversation With BLACKPINK’s Rosé At The Saint Laurent Show Goes Viral


BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently flew to Paris to attend Saint Laurent‘s Fall/Winter 2024-2025 show, stunning netizens with her trendy airport fashion on the way to one of the world’s fashion capitals.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Rosé captivated netizens with her sheer fashion look, becoming the main character of the show with her ethereal visuals before she even arrived at the official event and following the event in her after-party power suit.

Up close with Roseanne

ROSÉ AT YSL WW24 SHOW#ROSÉxSaintLaurent#ParisFashionWeek pic.twitter.com/g8ptC7PWiN

— Colourmeblue99 (@ColourMeBlue99) February 28, 2024


ROSÉ AT YSL WW24 SHOW#ROSÉxSaintLaurent#ParisFashionWeek pic.twitter.com/RkTFGABRTh

— hiro (@rubyjaneroses) February 27, 2024

During the show, Rosé joined fellow global celebrities in the front row, including actress Lily Collins and legendary model Kate Moss.

rosé with lily collins & kate moss at the ysl ww24 show in paris!#roséxsaintlaurent pic.twitter.com/KXpyBoVVHx

— (@jenniesrenes) February 27, 2024

While chatting, one interaction between Rosé and Kate Moss went viral as the supermodel told a fellow guest about the BLACKPINK member’s incredible influence.

During the interaction, Kate Moss introduced Rosé to English actress Charlotte Rampling and told the actress how sweet the BLACKPINK member was while recalling a time they had met in Los Angeles.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Kate Moss have a chat at the YSL show.pic.twitter.com/joAiuXy8d4

— About Music (@AboutMusicYT) February 27, 2024

Kate Moss couldn’t help sharing that her friend had taken a photo with Rosé while they were in Los Angeles, and from the photo with the BLACKPINK star, her friend had gained nearly one million followers on social media.

Kate Moss: “my friend took a picture with her (#ROSÉ), posted it and she got a million more followers that day”

ROSÉ AT YSL WW24 SHOW #ROSÉxSaintLaurent @YSL #ParisFashionWeek @BLACKPINK



Videos of the interaction have gone viral, and netizens are loving the iconic supermodel’s praise for Rosé and the acknowledgment of her incredible global influence.

kate moss: “my friend took a picture with her (rosé) and posted it and she got like a million followers that day.” oh they KNOW her impact and influence!



— 𖤐 (@GhoulPinks) February 27, 2024

“she’s a very sweet girl” melted me

— Marla Rosado (@MarlaRosado) February 27, 2024

kate moss saying she hung out with rosé in la, bragging about how famous rosé is, and saying rosé is a very sweet girl

— rapture incoming. (@chaeartsy) February 27, 2024

Check out more about Rosé’s Paris Fashion Week appearance in the article below!

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