Karina of Korean girl band Aespa issues hand-written apology to fans pained over reports of her dating Lee Jae Wook; netizens react


Aespa is one of the top girl groups from the world of K-Pop. Karina, who is known for her vocals and stunning good looks, made news of late for her dating news with Lee Jae Wook. The reports spread like wildfire all over social media. It seems the two met at a Prada Fashion Week. Korean actor Lee Jae Wook is known for his shows Alchemy Of Souls, Death’s Game and Extraordinary You. The agencies of the two confirmed that the two were indeed dating. The news has met with a lot of hatred online. Many fans felt that Karina cheated them as she fell in love with Lee Jae Wook.

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Karina issues hand-written apology to fans

Once the news got confirmed, rumours floated around that Lee Jae Wook had a transit romance with Karina. It seems he fell for her when he had not properly broken up with a former ex-flame. The agencies of the two stars issued short statements. China fans of Aespa said that they would stop buying their albums and boycott them. Some even wrote that how come Karina did not find the love of fans enough to fall for Lee Jae Wook. Global supporters of Aespa are enraged at this behaviour from hard-core stans of the idol. Now, Karina has put out a hand-written note where she apologizes to them.

the entirety of SM is filled with repeat offenders, infact most of the industry has been ignorant but they still have a career. also most of the hate received was karina was from her own delusional deranged fans themselves, what does chaeyoung have to do with this https://t.co/j8Ve1eSsVq

(@girlswithsana) March 5, 2024

Karina posted a letter on Instagram! pic.twitter.com/CPHLizxcpV

Jazz (@mjkmwntr) March 5, 2024

I will never understand why Karina wrote a letter indicating her apologies for falling in love with another individual

ultraviolet ? (@turtleyeri_) March 5, 2024

You know I blame fucking SM. If they were a serious company they would’ve defended Karina rather than forcing her to write some unnecessary ass apology

dani (@revenctzen) March 5, 2024

This is ridiculous , why would someone apologize for dating ? Kfans don’t have sense of privacy I guess .

(@Sab_PK) March 5, 2024

We have to see how Lee Jae Wook reacts on the same. The stan culture of K-Pop is known to be very obsessive and weird at times.

 Global fans left shocked after Karina issues a hand-written apology letter for the pain caused to young fans for her dating news with Lee Jae Wook 

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