Karan Singh Grover On Wife Bipasha Basu’s Reaction After Watching Fighter: “She Is Very Proud Of Me”

Fighter star Karan Singh Grover, in a chat with India Today, opened up about his relationship with his wife Bipasha, revealing how her opinion matters to him. He said, “You know you need one person in your life always to make sure that they show you or they tell you how it is. They tell you the truth exactly, no matter how it is, no matter how you feel about it, you need to have that. Everyone has to have that for one person in their life and Bipasha is that one person for me,” he said.

“I’m actually a very sensitive person, not with everyone, but with the people I love. I’m extremely sensitive, too much, more than I want to be. So when she says anything to me, I get hurt sometimes. But she is somebody who does not have a filter. She will not make it sound better. If she knows it will hurt you, she will not do anything to make it hurt less. She will tell you exactly what it is because that is the truth and that you should know. She is not blunt, she is brutal. She is brutally honest. So for her to say what she said, that means that she’s telling the truth and that’s exactly how she felt,” Karan added.

About Bipasha’s honest opinion of Fighter, Karan wrote, “She loved ‘Fighter’, she cried a lot during the interval. She knew what the story was, obviously, but she still had that reaction. I was in the film, and I was still crying. Even my friend was crying, though we were pretending not to cry and that takes a lot of energy. But she was so happy, she said, she was ‘proud’ of me, and she loved how I portrayed the character. She loved the way that I held it together, in a role like that, in a situation like that, it’s easy to kind of let go, sometimes you don’t have control over your emotions and she liked the fact that I kind of balanced it. She is very proud of me.”

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover got married in 2016. The couple welcomed Devi in November 2022.

 “She is not blunt, she is brutal,” said Karan Singh Grover     

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