Karan Singh Grover On Daughter Devi’s Open Heart Surgery: “Didn’t Handle It Well, Was Like Water On The Floor”

Karan Singh Grover is currently basking in the success of Fighter. The actor shared the screen space with Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone in the Siddharth Anand film. Recently, the actor opened up about how he balanced the film’s hectic schedule and his daughter, Devi Basu Singh Grover’s heart surgery. For the unversed, actress Bipasha Basu and Karan’s daughter was born with two holes in her heart. The now 14-month-old also had to go through an open-heart surgery. In an interview with India Today, Karan said, “It was very serious to be away. Also, I did not handle it really well. I handled it not well at all. I was like water on the floor. I think it is because of Bipasha (Basu) that…The strength to kind of go through that and still be here right now. Because I really felt that for me, death would be easier than going through that. I remember when we were at the hospital, and we were supposed to give Devi to the doctors because she’s going to go in for surgery. It was like I did not have any hands or legs or feet or face.”

Speaking about his wife, Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover added,“ She  is a lioness man! My wife…She is a super strong person. But then, as soon as she became a mother, she’s freaking god.”

A few days ago, Karan Singh Grover shared in another interview about how Devi is a “littlest fighter.” The actor told Bollywood Hungama, “If you knew her story, even though she’s 14 months old, she was born with two holes in her heart, and we had to go through an open-heart surgery. When Mamta (Marflix, director Siddharth Anand’s wife) first heard about it, she’s like, ‘She’s a fighter.’ I was like, ‘Dude, she is the smallest littlest fighter that we have, and she was the first one.’”

Talking about his experience as a parent and how he and Bipasha Basu supported each other during challenging times, the actor added, “Well, we didn’t really know till the third day of her birth. I would just say that to be a parent kind of requires some other strength, and respect to all parents, man. And I think it was a very, very difficult situation.”

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover got married in 2016. The couple welcomed Devi in November 2022.

 Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover got married in 2016     

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