Kangana Ranaut reveals she would wear shorts, western wear to look anything but ‘Indian’ amidst India-Bharat row


Kangana Ranaut is known for her blunt and honest opinions. Kangana often has an opinion on everything including politics and industry business. She recently shared her thoughts on India becoming Bharat row. The change of name has been the talk of the town for many days now. There have been different reactions to the same. Kangana also shares how she would change her dress to look anything but Indian back when she was young.

Kangana Ranaut reacts to change from India to Bharat

While talking to an entertainment news portal, Kangana Ranaut, who recently visited the New Parliament session, was asked about the change of name of the country from India to Bharat. The Emergency actress shares that while she has no issues with the name India, she prefers calling the nation as Bharat these days. Kangana told the channel that the name India was taken by the opposition alliance despite the members being accused of corruption.

Kangana Ranaut recalls how she would want to look anything but Indian

As per Hindustan Times report, the Tejas actress shares that earlier she wanted to look anything but India. And for the same, she would wear shorts and western dresses. She did that because back then India/ Bharat was conceived as a poor nation. However, now, Kangana Ranaut feels proud about being Indian and is openly embracing the culture. She now loves to wear sarees. Kangana feels when one realises the importance of the culture, they have the option to embrace it. The actress gushes about the nation moving towards a higher conscience where anyone can be who they want to be.

Kangana prefers saying Bharat

The Chandramukhi 2 actress reveals that she loves to say Bharat but sometimes due to slip of the tongue, she says India too. But there is nothing wrong with it. She says that she does not hate it or abhor it (calling Bharat, India)

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Earlier this month, Kangana Ranaut shared her thoughts on the social media debate. The actress penned a lengthy note on Instagram in which she talked about how Sindhus was turned into Indus, Indos and India, etc. She shared that in olden English, the term Indian meant a slave and claimed that Britishers named us Indians. The meaning was changed later. Kangana feels we should be called Bhartiya and not Indians. Kangana Ranaut has opened up on the India Bharat row. The Emergency actress has shared that she would initially want to look anything but Indian. 

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