K-pop idols TXT leader Soobin, NCT member Taeyong and others get slammed for ‘liking’ controversial Japanese anime


Japanese anime or manwha has fans globally. They are hugely popular in Korea as well. TXT leader Soobin, NCT vocalist Taeyong, Netflix star DEX and members of SEVENTEEN Woozi and Mingi are all supposed to be fans of the Japanese anime Made In Abyss. The anime is an R-rated one as it has scenes involving gore, mutilation, child abuse and innuendo around paedophilia. Many people are shocked that these idols whose fan base is mostly of minors and young teens have openly expressed their liking for such content which is abusive for children. While the Korean version of the anime has been censored as per the guidelines of Korean broadcasting still netizens are upset knowing that these stars have watched it. Bollywood Life is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News. The movie is supposed to be very gory. Fans have said that the Korean version is less problematic but still people are upset knowing about this. The creator of the anime Akihito Tsukushi has been called out for his alleged inclination towards prepubescent girls by some netizens. He is known for his beautiful art work and is a creative genius in the field of Japanese anime. There were rumours of his arrest but they are untrue. The anime Made In Abyss is about a character Riko wants to be a cave rider like her mom. It is about her adventures in a giant chasm. The main villain Bondrewd does morally reprehensible things to children. The idols are facing backlash for liking such content which involves such abuse against children. Fans have defended Soobin saying that he liked season two which had a different theme. The show is available on Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll in the US. The US version has an explicit scene.

 Netizens are angered and dismayed at K-pop stars Soobin, Taeyong, Woozi and DEX being fans of Made In Abyss, a controversial Japanese anime with child abuse content 

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