K-Pop Idols’ Favorite Celebrity Will Be Sent To China Soon


One of the most adored celebrities in South Korea is preparing for a big move. This April, the nation will bid farewell to a figure who has not only captured the hearts of the public but also charmed some of the biggest names in K-Pop. Get ready for the surprise – the celebrity in question is none other than Fu Bao, the beloved giant panda!

| Yonhap News Agency

Fu Bao — who was born in the famous Everland amusement park and is turning four this year — is set to return to China as part of an international agreement. This Tuesday, Everland announced the schedule for Fu Bao’s return on their website, revealing that the female giant panda will be transferred to the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in Sichuan Province in early April.

| Yonhap News Agency

Located in Yongin, just a stone’s throw away from Seoul, Everland has been Fu Bao’s home since her birth. In preparation for her journey, she will be kept in a separate space at Everland Panda World for a month, following international regulations on wild animals. This means panda enthusiasts and adoring fans will have only until early March to catch a glimpse of Fu Bao before she embarks on her new adventure.


Born on July 20, 2020, to  , Fu Bao is a symbol of the friendship between South Korea and China — a precious gift from Chinese President Xi Jinping back in March 2016. Under the “Endangered Species Conservation Agreement,” pandas sent by China to overseas countries are returned before they turn four.

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Most K-Pop fans will know that Fu Bao isn’t just a hit with the general public. She’s captured the hearts of K-Pop idols, too! TXT‘s Yeonjun, NCT‘s Taeyong, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, and many others have all expressed their fondness for this furry celebrity. The departure of Fu Bao might just leave a panda-shaped hole in the hearts of these idols.

Jungwoo and Fubao meet up? The little panda backpack omg he’s so cute 🥹 pic.twitter.com/BWoXbSlSWD

— ً (@nctymisfit) July 3, 2023

taeyong admiring fubao pic.twitter.com/spT1t045s9

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230707 seulstagram Story update

“Fubao 🤍”#레드벨벳 #RedVelvet #슬기 #SEULGI @RVsmtown pic.twitter.com/qRtl1LG5Ai

— KSG Updates (@KSGUpdates) July 7, 2023

As Fu Bao prepares for her departure, there’s no doubt that her impact on cultural diplomacy and the sheer joy she’s brought to so many will be remembered fondly. While it’s a bittersweet moment, the transfer highlights the importance of international cooperation in wildlife conservation and the enduring bond between nations.


So here’s to Fu Bao, a true celebrity in her own right, who reminds us that sometimes, the most unlikely figures can bring us together.

 The move is part of an international agreement. 

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