K-Pop idol G-Dragon confirms he will seek legal course against derogatory posts after clearing drug abuse rumours


BIGBANG member G-Dragon was recently tested by the Korean Police for drug testing. Samples of his hair and fingernails were taken for the analysis. But all the tests have come out negative. In the middle of all this, there has been a number of malicious and slanderous posts on the rapper and musician on social media. Now, G-Dragon seems to have had enough and has taken legal course against such rumour-mongering on social media. His legal team has confirmed the same through a statement released in the Korean media. He is being represented by lawyer Kim Soo Hyun. G-Dragon whose real name is Kwon Ji Yong is one of the prominent figures of the K-Pop industry. He made his debut in 2006 and has been going strong since then. His legal counsel said they have started proceedings against those who have indulged in malicious activities which include defamation, sexual slurs and spreading of false information. BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News.   The team is now gathering evidence of all the social media posts which hurt Kwon Ji Yong’s interests and were defamatory. His fans were livid when one airport video got circulated all over saying that G-Dragon’s walk allegedly looked like someone who was “high all the time”. The legal team now plans to submit complaints to investigative agencies to take action. They have decided to opt for a strict policy where no leniency or settlement will be considered. This is the second time that G-Dragon has found himself in trouble. He was pulled by authorities for smoking a marijuana cigarette in Japan. He was a first-time offender and got a suspended indictment for the same. His non-conformist quirky image has also made him the target of unnecessary hate.   The Incheon Police Agency has been investigating a drug racket where reportedly some celebs and idols were involved. The National Institute of Forensic Science of Korea told them that G-Dragon did not have any traces of drugs anywhere. All the tests were negative. But the cops claim to have solid leads on the racket, and say it is not a mere witch-hunt. The rapper made a return to Instagram two days back. The actor of the show Doona Lee Jin-Wook showed support to him. The actor too was falsely accused by someone of sexual assault years ago. Later, it was proved to be false. The accuser had to go to jail for the same. .

 K-Pop idol G-Dragon issues a statement from his lawyer that those spreading malicious posts about substance abuse and him even after clearance from police will be dealt with legally 

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