K-Pop Idol And Former “Produce” Contestant Turns Heads With His Visual Similarities To Lee Min Ho


A couple of days ago, Maroo Entertainment updated the profile photos of the members of their K-Pop boy group GHOST9.

GHOST9 New Profile – DEEP

https://t.co/RMOKeruyvj#GHOST9 #고스트나인 pic.twitter.com/fq7hLSYqZq

— GHOST9(고스트나인) (@GHOST9OFFICIAL) February 14, 2024

While all of the seven members look striking and handsome in the images, one member in particular caught netizens’ eyes due to his actor-like visuals and resemblance to the legendary Lee Min Ho himself.

GHOST9 New Profile – NATURAL

https://t.co/C6JebLOkdy#GHOST9 #고스트나인 pic.twitter.com/kxcm7Mho9h

— GHOST9(고스트나인) (@GHOST9OFFICIAL) February 14, 2024

That member is Jinwoo, the maknae of the group at age 19 and known for his participation on Produce X 101, the season of Produce that resulted in the creation of X1.

Jinwoo (GHOST9)

Jinwoo, however, ended up placing 22nd on the show and thus didn’t make it into the final group that formed X1. However, it was later revealed that he was cut from the show when he wasn’t supposed to due to vote manipulation, so his true rank on Produce X 101 isn’t known.

He went on to debut with GHOST9 in September 2020, and is currently their lead dancer and sub-vocalist along with being their youngest.

The recent profile pictures of Jinwoo has people comparing his appearance to Lee Min Ho, especially since he has also started dipping his toes into an acting career with roles in K-Dramas such as Wanna Be U and Snap and Spark.

Netizens think his popularity would grow more if he dove deeper into pursuing an acting career, especially since he already has the perfect visuals for that role.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to his newly released profile pictures!

We hope that Jinwoo ends up being successful in whatever field he ends up pursuing!


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