K-Pop Fans React To IU And BTS’s V Seen Together Over A Decade Ago


IU and BTS‘s V have been getting tons of attention lately for their acting together in the music video for IU’s latest song, “Love Wins All”, released a couple of days ago.

Fans are loving the visual chemistry that the two have together, and just their chemistry in general, although the music video has also gained criticism for being “exploitative” towards people with disabilities and minorities.

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Despite the controversy surrounding the song and music video, though, a lot of fans are talking positively about IU and V, and it has brought back memories that some fans today might not even know about!

IU and BTS’s V in “Love Wins All”

Back in October 2013, V and fellow BTS member Jungkook served as special MCs for an episode of Music Bank. During this particular episode, IU’s song “Red Shoes” was a nominee for first place, which led to the two BTS members — who were very young, inexperienced rookie idols at the time — interacting with her.

BTS’s V and IU in 2013

V and IU were 17 and 20 respectively at the time, and it’s amazing just how quickly time has flown by since then! They’re 28 and 30 now, and BTS went from being a relatively unknown rookie K-Pop group to being the incredibly popular artist they are today.

Here’s how K-Pop fans are reacting to this walk down memory lane.

Both V and IU grew up so well, and it’s such a treat seeing them together once again!


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