K-Pop Fans Have Mixed Feelings Over SEVENTEEN Performing In Japan On Their Debut Anniversary


On January 28, Pledis Entertainment shared the dates and locations for the encore performances of SEVENTEEN‘s FOLLOW tour. The concerts include dates in both Korea and Japan, including the highly coveted Nissan Stadium in Kanagawa, which can host over 70,000 attendees and has only held concerts for two other K-Pop artists (TVXQ and, later this year, TWICE).

However, not all of the responses to the announcement were positive — in fact, there have been quite a few fans who have expressed their disappointment and frustration over the specific dates and locations for the encore tour.

The encore tour starts in Incheon, South Korea on March 30-31 at the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium, a venue that can hold about 60,000 people. After a break, the tour picks up again on May 18-19 in Osaka at the Yanmar Stadium Nagai, and finishes up in Kanagawa at the previously mentioned Nissan Stadium on May 25-26.

Some fans are already a little annoyed by the fact that four of the six tour days will take place in Japan rather than Korea, especially since 12 of the 20 days of the original FOLLOW tour took place in Japan already. These fans feel like Pledis Entertainment is putting profit over the desires of Korean Carats, especially since SEVENTEEN’s members will start enlisting this year.


What has angered some fans even more, though, is that SEVENTEEN will be spending their ninth Korean debut anniversary on May 26 in Japan rather than Korea. Their sixth Japanese debut anniversary — May 30 — will take place after the tour is complete.


This became a topic of conversation on an online forum post, where several netizens shared their thoughts on the matter and how unfair the encore concerts are for Korean SEVENTEEN fans.

However, not everyone saw the situation so negatively. There were some comments from netizens who could understand why Pledis Entertainment made the decisions that they had regarding the tour.

The quote retweets on Twitter for the original post are a mixture of reactions from fans.

omg wow i’m so glad they get to go to japan after 5 cities in 12 dates last year ! https://t.co/2VODjrovyG pic.twitter.com/7dn3KlNeqZ

— STRIKE for P4LESTINE (@w33w0o) January 28, 2024

not only did jp got 12 dates for the tour, but they have also added more dates now for them. woah okay ig https://t.co/fNDGruDRZW pic.twitter.com/UTVGXN3IxY

— ely ୨୧ (@hjsyjhz) January 28, 2024

there are more countries outside of Asia, I swear https://t.co/tfC8G7GZ09 pic.twitter.com/ELaN9mDopM

— andrea (@sstarslly) January 28, 2024

The rest of the world rn : https://t.co/QXI3UDYXNn pic.twitter.com/WZlQjgogrv

— – MATZ (@namjoonouu) January 28, 2024

they made it… nissan stadium… pic.twitter.com/mozDjZUKza https://t.co/OG8ExekpCV

— nca (@ddoljeong) January 28, 2024

you know when parents say they love all their kids equally but it’s really clear that’s not true?
yeah… https://t.co/7FcIaWzfho

— is not seeing SVT (@unlikelycarat) January 28, 2024

STADIUMS!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/WXXHvlpRGA https://t.co/FGehDqFeUe

— cindy🤍 (@ride_w_svteen) January 28, 2024

Regardless of how people feel about this decision by Pledis Entertainment, we hope the SEVENTEEN members have a great time during their encore tour!


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