K-Pop Fans Discuss The Three “It Girls” Of The Fourth Generation


There have been several agreed-upon “it girls” of past K-Pop generations: Girls’ Generation‘s YoonABae Suzy, and f(x)‘s Krystal of the second generation, and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Red Velvet‘s Irene of the third generation, as a few examples. There’s no real definitive criteria for what makes a K-Pop “it girl”, but for the most part, the majority of K-Pop fans can usually agree on a few idols to represent a generation.

YoonA (Girls’ Generation) | SBS Irene (Red Velvet) | SBS

When it comes to the fourth generation, though, there has been some debate on which female idols take the title. There are so many highly successful and beloved fourth generation girl groups, it’s nearly impossible to choose just one or a few of them that really stand out!

But recently, a post was made on an online forum that declared who the three top “it girls” of the fourth generation should be, and it led to a lot of discussion in the comments.

The three idols named were aespa‘s Karina

Karina (aespa) | SBS

IVE‘s Wonyoung

Wonyoung (IVE) | SBS

And NewJeans‘ Haerin.

Haerin (NewJeans)

Of course, the title of “it girl” is a very subjective one, and at the end of the day, it really doesn’t have any official meaning in the K-Pop industry. But there’s no denying that these three female idols are definitely beautiful, popular, and talented, and they deserve to be recognized for what they bring to K-Pop!

Here’s what some fans are saying in the comments of the forum post.

Is there anyone else that you think should be added to the fourth generation “it girl” list?

 They’re all icons! 

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