K-Pop Fans Debate If THE BOYZ’s Lightstick Is Interesting Or Poorly Executed


It’s always exciting when a K-Pop artist releases their official lightstick, whether it happens early on in their career or years after their debut. Some lightsticks are gorgeous and suit their respective artist well; however, others are a little more questionable, boring, or poorly executed, leading to disappointment.

Recently, netizens came together on a public forum to discuss the design of one lightstick in particular: The one belonging to THE BOYZ.

THE BOYZ | IST Entertainment

Their lightstick is definitely a unique one. Rather than the typical globe or similar-shaped design, theirs resembles a megaphone in the shape of a heart.

They’re not the first K-Pop artist to go release a lightstick in the shape of some other kind of object; for example, iKON‘s lightstick looks like a baseball bat, and BLACKPINK‘s looks like a hammer.

Like a lot of K-Pop lightsticks, THE BOYZ’s has different light modes too, with a range of different colors available.

However, reactions to the design seem to be fairly mixed. Going through the comments on the post discussing the lightstick, there were a lot of people who do think the concept is interesting and unique, while others think that it wasn’t executed as well as it could have been.

How do you feel about THE BOYZ’s lightstick concept?


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