K-Pop Fan Meets TWICE’s Jeongyeon In The Most Unexpected Place


One K-Pop fan recently lived the Y/N life, meeting a K-Pop idol!

Eric Kim, a violinist and TikToker, posted that he recently went to Cheesecake Factory. When he walked out, he ran into someone he never imagined seeing there…

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Outside of Cheesecake Factory was none other than TWICE‘s Jeongyeon!

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Eric and netizens were even more surprised that he was allowed to take a picture with her, as most idols claim their company won’t permit them to. The video went viral with 39.6K views at the time of writing.

Watch the full video below.


what is love fr #twice #jeongyeon

♬ What is Love? – TWICE

 He even took a picture with her! 

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