K-Pop Fan Hilariously Shares How They “Debuted” While Trying To Buy Concert Tickets


A lot of K-Pop fans dream about becoming an idol themselves someday. The idol life can seem so fun and exciting and rewarding, it’s no wonder that so many people audition to try to get into the industry!


Of course, only a select few who try to become an idol end up debuting, but a recent image that starting catching attention online shows how a fan hilariously “debuted” while simply trying to buy concert tickets.

The ticket-buying process is incredibly stressful these days, so any glitch or lag that happens while trying to buy a concert ticket can ruin the whole operation. But this particular glitch ended up being more entertaining than stress-inducing!

| Davis Arts Council

The image shared by the OP of the story shows the screen that normally appears when you successfully find a seat in the venue, indicating where your seat is located. However, rather than showing the selected seat (which is seen as a purple square in this situation) in the audience, somehow the “seat” appeared on the stage itself!

On the post where this image was posted, fans are getting a kick out of the unexpected “debut” of OP in the comments with hilarious reactions.

We hope that OP ended up getting the seat that they wanted at the concert, because they deserve it after the confusion this must have given them!

 “Stan ticket anon!” 

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