K-Netizens Shocked At This Fifth-Generation Idol’s Handwriting


Recently, an online community board gained attention for RIIZE Eunseok’s pre-debut handwriting. The message was for the SM Rookie’s 2023 goals.

자기도 글씨 쓰다가
무언가를 느꼇나봄 pic.twitter.com/WP7mBVRqFn

— 멍바돌 (@badolleee) November 19, 2023

I guess he felt something as he was writing this.

— @badolleee/Twitter

Just like the X user said, Eunseok felt the need to work on his handwriting as he was writing his goals!

I hope 2023 will be the year in which I work harder, debut, and have people recognize me. I hope that even after my debut, I will always be a person who is grateful and knows how to give back to those who have helped me so far. I also need to have books close to me and work on my handwriting.

Netizens that saw the post, although shocked, found it cute that he came to the realization about his handwriting as he was writing.

Netizen comments | theqoo “I thought an elementary schooler wrote it.” “I guess he thought about his handwriting as he was writing lol.” “I like his ability to self-reflect lol.” “His handwriting is pretty lol cute.” “How old was the person writing this?” “He’s Korean, right? Lol.” “Wow…” “Hah..it really looks like he came to the realization as he was writing lol.”

Turns out that as of present day, he has reached his goals in that he has debuted and improved his handwriting!

2023년이 끝나가는 지금
데뷔도 하고 진짜 발전된 글씨체를 갖게됨..
하 나도 이렇게 살아야겠다 https://t.co/t5lGZWyg1A pic.twitter.com/17lzu0lgPl

— 낑이 (@ggingood) November 20, 2023

As we are nearing the end of 2023, he really did meet his goals and debut and improve his handwriting…I should live like this too.

— @ggingood/Twitter

은석이 글씨 진짜 많이 예뻐졌어 pic.twitter.com/ptbPm8hXw7

— 늘!! (@01uvsux) October 6, 2023

Eunseok’s handwriting has gotten so much better!

— @01uvxux/Twitter

What do you think of his handwriting?

 He’s succeeded in reaching his goals! 

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