K-Drama To Watch? Leads Of Latest Netflix Hit Are Going Viral For Their Crazy Chemistry


Netflix has been known for its wide array of international shows, and when it comes to K-Dramas, they never disappoint. The latest gem in their repertoire is Doona!, which is quickly becoming the talk of the town, not just for its intriguing plot but majorly for the electrifying chemistry between its lead actors — Suzy and Yang Se Jong.

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Recently, a post on TheQoo discussed this very chemistry, and it’s clear that fans are more than just impressed. The post skyrocketed in popularity, garnering more than 47,000 views and a staggering 340 comments. The majority of these comments were effusive in their praise of the undeniable connection between the two actors.

that casual couple chemistry in the last shot *crying*#Doona #Netflix pic.twitter.com/HpfyjY7L1d

— Netflix K-Content (@netflixkcontent) October 23, 2023

The Netflix show tells the dramatic story of Lee Doo Na, portrayed by Suzy, a former main vocalist and the star of a once-popular K-Pop girl group. The drama unfolds when, to the shock of her fans, Doo Na announces her sudden retirement from the spotlight. Choosing a life of relative anonymity, she takes up residence in a shared house near a university, shying away from public view.

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Enter Lee Won Jun, played by Yang Se Jong, a university student leading an ordinary life. With no claim to fame or any remarkable background, Won Jun is the embodiment of simplicity and warmth. As he moves into the shared house, his unassuming nature and genuine kindness offer Doo Na the solace she didn’t know she needed.

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Thanks to the duo’s chemistry, Doona! has a lot of kiss scenes — from ones that make your stomach flutter to ones that leave viewers breathless. And while they’re all executed perfectly, one in particular has everyone at the edge of their seats with anticipation about what happens next. The specific scene part of episode 6 has gone viral not only among Korean netizens but also on social media platforms that international fans use — proving the series’ popularity.

[SPOILER – Ep 6]

LEE DOONA ( SUZY ) and WONJUN (YANG SEJONG) hot and steamy kiss scene !!!

DoonaOutNow#SUZY #BAESUZY #DoonaNetflix #DOONA #DoonaEp6 pic.twitter.com/8sRWxwgRCA

— 영원한배수지 (SUZY) (@suzycontents) October 20, 2023

The scene is so palpable in its intensity that viewers become spellbound by the sizzling interaction between Suzy and Yang Se Jong. It’s not just about the physical connection; the emotional depth they bring to their roles makes the scene all the more riveting.

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The intensity, the connection, and the sheer artistry of the two leads have made Doona! a viral sensation.

But it’s not only the intimate scenes that have fans raving. From the moment the two leads share the screen, there’s an indescribable energy. Sparks seem to bounce off the walls even before they lock eyes. This undeniable chemistry has translated into clips being shared widely on social media platforms, most notably on Twitter.

bae suzy as the it girl, doona! pic.twitter.com/GbztMaD5G5

— kay⁷ (@kaydramaaddict) October 22, 2023

I’m a sucker for the “giving her his jacket so that she isn’t cold” cliche and they took it and made it a 100 times more adorable #DOONA #doonaep3 pic.twitter.com/KK7Wn4UJTf

— (@_elela_) October 20, 2023

ill never get over this scene #Doona #DoonaNetflix


— 𝐿𝓎𝓁𝒾𝒶 *MET SELENA* (@gomezsftstyles) October 22, 2023

For those who haven’t yet delved into the world of Doona! this is the perfect time. The show offers more than just romance; it brings together an intricate plot, deep character development, and stellar performances. Yet, it’s undeniable that the chemistry between Suzy and Yang Se Jong is the cherry on top. Their interactions feel real, unscripted, and from the heart, making Doona! a must-watch for all K-Drama enthusiasts.

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And while you’re at it, keep an eye on Episode 6 — it promises a viewing experience like no other.

 “I’ll never get over this scene…” 

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