JYP Entertainment’s Planned Album Releases In 2024


As 2024 unfolds, JYP Entertainment, one of the powerhouses in the K-Pop industry, is gearing up for an exciting array of debuts and releases. This year is particularly special as JYP is set to introduce several new groups, each with their unique charm and style.

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LOUD, a boy group formed through the survival show of the same name, is one of JYP’s most anticipated debuts. The group, consisting of five members — Yoon Min, Amaru, Keiju, Lee Gye Hun, and Lee Dong Hyeon — is scheduled for a debut around June or July. Each member brings a mix of talents, including singing, dancing, rapping, and even composing. Their diverse backgrounds and skills hint at a fresh and dynamic addition to the K-Pop scene​​​​.


VCHA, JYP’s global girl group, made a striking entrance with their pre-debut single “Ready for the World.” The group — comprising members Lexi, Camilla, Kendall, Savannah, Cage, and Kaylee — are set to officially debut on January 26 with the single “Girls of the Year.” Produced in collaboration with leading figures in the music industry, VCHA’s debut reflects the ambition to become the defining girl group of the year. Their global appeal, enhanced by their training in the K-Pop system, sets them apart as one of the most promising acts of 2024​​​​​.

Project C

Project C, under JYP Entertainment and their Chinese division Fanling Culture, is an upcoming boy group expected to debut in the second quarter of 2024. The group, consisting of Luo Yan, Li Xijie, Huang Wenjin, Bai Yuanhao, and Liang Zexin, has already made a name for themselves with appearances in variety shows, dramas, and performances. Project C stands out with their outstanding visuals and skills, and their participation in major events like the 2023 TMEA Music Festival has heightened the anticipation for their official debut​​​​.


The latest addition to JYP’s impressive roster is NEXZ, a seven-member boy band formed through the audition survival show Nizi Project Season 2. The group consists of members Tomoya, Haru, Yuki, Ken, Yu, Yuhi, and Seita, each bringing their individual charm and talent. JYP named the group NEXZ, symbolizing “Next Z (Generation),” indicating their role in shaping the future of a new generation in music.

The group has already given a glimpse of their potential with the release of “Miracle” and its performance video, a song that was part of their mission during the show’s finale.

 Fans can’t wait to see what else 2024 has in store. 

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