JYP Entertainment Under Fire After Shocking Allegations Of Mistreating TWICE Go Viral


Fans are criticizing JYP Entertainment amid Chinese fans’ protests.

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On March 4, a post titled “TWICE’s Chinese Fans Sent Protests Trucks To JYP’s Building” went viral. In the post, a netizen uploaded pictures of a protest truck outside of JYP Entertainment.


The post’s author then uploaded what the fans were protesting about. Fans are complaining about various things, including their makeup and the label’s alleged lack of investment in the group.

No more makeup that doesn’t highlight members’ unique features. No more album designs and promotion plans that were made carelessly.

Invest more into the group’s playlist and TikTok traffic. Help the group get more exposure!

Don’t forget that without TWICE, JYP would be bums asking for money on the street.

Do as the fans are instructing! Remember how precious TWICE is as a top-tier girl group.

The author then posted a tweet in which a fan shockingly revealed that they are spending their own money to promote TWICE since the label wasn’t.

3본부가 안걸어서 사비로 트위터 광고 걸었으니까 리트윗 많이 해주세용 참고로 한국에서만 보이는 광고임 https://t.co/EZ9MWxnFrE

— 덩치모 (@first_lastsana) February 26, 2024

I am running ads on Twitter since JYP isn’t, so please RT a lot. Also, this ad only runs in Korea.

The post has since gone viral, with many netizens criticizing the label for the group’s lack of promotions.

Wait, fans are the ones who are buying Twitter ads for the group? This is so f@cking shocking. What is JYP doing? I like their hair and makeup. JYP really doesn’t do much. These crooks, is that why their sales numbers aren’t that high? F@ck. TWICE are seriously top idols, but they don’t get much attention from the label… I’ve felt this for a while. Wait, they don’t market the group? They should also promote their songs and dance choreo. TWICE is so good, this is disappointing. Isn’t this too much? Marketing is so important these days. Seriously, where is their marketing? JYP doesn’t promote TWICE on Twitter, so fans are using their own money… This is crazy, considering TWICE makes the label so much money. I have to admit their song and marketing is disappointing.

What are your thoughts?

 Fans are sending trucks to protest the label’s inaction. 

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