Jungkook wins hearts with his shout-out for BTS’ RM and his mom as he performs Golden On Stage; Top 7 Highlights


Jeon Jungkook of BTS is the newsmaker of the day. He won the award for the Global K-Pop Song Award for Seven at the BBMA’s 2023. Today, he gave a performance on all the songs of Golden at the Jang Chung Arena of Seoul. ARMYs who visited the venue are raving over his performance and how much he pampered the fans at the venue. He sang a number of songs including Magic Shop. The fans sang the song word by word along with the Golden maknae. Here is a look at the top seven highlights of the evening….BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News.

Jungkook pampers fans

The Golden Maknae of BTS has given a number of gifts to fans. These include Godiva ice-creams, chocolates and small knick knacks. Earlier, fans got bottles of perfumes sprinkled with gold dust. The quality of the gifts is top-notch. People are gaga seeing how much he loves his fans aka ARMY. He also said that he can exclude everything from his life but not the fandom.

Jungkook’s shoutout to mom

The youngest member of BTS had his parents in attendance. He gave a shout-out to his mom and RM. In fact, Jungkook requested the whole arena to give a shout for his mother. It is a known fact that he is a devoted son. This just shows how cute he is. He also spoke about RM aka Namjoon as someone who always inspired him and his ultimate icon. This NamKook moment had people in tears.

Jungkook’s shirtless avatar

They also showed fans a video of his preparing for the concert. We saw a shirtless Jungkook running on the treadmill. Then, there was a shot of him coming out of the shower. ARMYs went crazy and started hooting at the venue. Social media is abuzz with how his parents must have reacted to see fans wilding in this manner.

Namjoon teases Jungkook

We have seen a lot of shirtless Jungkook of late. Namjoon teased him saying that it seems like yesterday when they rode a bike together in GCF. He also teased Jungkook to flaunt his chiseled body more in the future. Jungkook also said that he too drops shirtless pics quite often.

J-Hope makes an appearance

J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok gave a shout-out to Jungkook on social media. As we know, he is in the military. It seems all other members had shoots so it was only RM aka Namjoon who could come for Jungkook’s Golden concert.

Jungkook professes his love

The Golden Maknae said he loved being called a friend by ARMYs but the emotion that he always felt was love. He said that love is all encompassing and not just romantic one. The pop star was giggling on stage when he said so to the fans present. It was quite an evening for all fans of BTS maknae Jungkook. The songs got a great response as he sang live. His songs 3D, Seven and Too Much with Kid Laroi have got terrific numbers of all music charts. ARMYs said that Jungkook needs a solo tour before he heads off to the military.

 Jungkook gave a stellar performance on the songs of Golden, his new album. The event happened at Jang Chung Arena of Seoul. Here are the top 7 highlights 

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