Judge Rules In Case Accusing Top Actress Of Bullying And Gaslighting Former Lover


Seo Yea Ji‘s label, Gold Medalist, will be forced to pay ₩225 million KRW (about $172,000 USD) to the actress’s former brand sponsor as restitution.

Seo Yea Ji | ELLE Taiwan

On November 16, JoongAng Ilbo reported that Seoul’s Central District Court ruled that the actress’s agency will have to repay  ₩225 million KRW (about $172,000 USD) to a former brand sponsor as a direct result of the actress’s controversies. The brand had accused the actress of having once being a bully and gaslighting a former partner.

The court, however, ruled that Seo Yea Ji is not personally liable for the losses claimed by the company and, thus, will not have to pay any amount to the sponsor directly.

Seoul’s Central Court | Korea Times

The court justified its ruling by reasoning that the many allegations surrounding Seo Yea Ji had occurred before the time of her contract with the brand.

Seo Yea Ji, who was considered one of Korea’s top actresses, first faced a nationwide backlash in 2021 after it was alleged that she had gaslighted her former boyfriend and that she had been a bully during her school years.

Seo Yea Ji would stay away from the spotlight until 2022 when she returned to fans in the K-Drama Eve, which was received with mixed reactions.

 The actress faced a nationwide backlash for the allegations. 

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