JINI’s Solo Debut Reignites Debate Over NMIXX Departure


Netizens debated over JINI‘s exit from NMIXX in lieu of her solo debut.


On October 11, JINI released her much-anticipated solo debut, “C’mon.”

JINI Addresses NMIXX Departure During Album Showcase

The song features famed American rapper Aminé and is a synth-laden pop track in which she wills the listener to “C’mon.”

With news of the former NMIXX member’s debut, many netizens speculated on whether it was JYP Entertainment‘s fault that she left or if she left on her own will. Netizens also debated whether JINI is obligated to reveal why she left the group.

“It doesn’t seem like JYP forced her out, so stop criticizing JYP. After leaving, she’s been performing and promoting just fine.” “Hyuna left because of her health. I think fans would be curious as to why three active idols from one label left their groups.” “I’m honestly curious.” “I think JYP Entertainment just lets idols go if they want to leave. I guess it’s fine if she does well on her own.” “Out of everyone here speculating, I bet none of you even truly care, LOL.” “Rather than JYP having a departure crisis, don’t you think they are the only label that allows idols to quit if they want to? That’s what it looks to me.” “I guess she didn’t leave due to health reasons. Was she just kicked out?” “If people are going to be asking for the next 10 years, I think it would be better to just reveal why she left. I’m sure it wasn’t for a crazy reason.” “She’s making a new start, so just support her. There is nothing revealed, so what is the point of speculating?” “It’s not like she just quit being a celebrity. Instead, she left the group and label, then quietly opened an Instagram account. That is enough to make fans curious and disappointed. There is reason to criticize the artist since we haven’t been told anything.”

What are your thoughts?

 “There is reason to criticize the artist since we haven’t been told anything.” 

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