Jessi Wants To Pursue What Her Previous Companies Wouldn’t Let Her Do


Veteran soloist Jessi was the most recent guest on Jay Park‘s talk show, MORE TALK, and she discussed her move to his company, MORE VISION, earlier this year, the challenges she’s currently overcoming, and her upcoming comeback.

Jay Park (left) and Jessi (right) | JAY PARK/YouTube

Jessi left her previous company, P NATION, in July 2022, managing activities without a label until she signed with MORE VISION in April 2023.

With her 18th anniversary approaching this December, Jessi continues to challenge herself and has moved companies multiple times across her career to learn more about the industry and see how each operates differently.

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Jessi reflected on her recent rise in popularity and expressed her appreciation for it, stating she wouldn’t have made it this far had she had the same fame when she debuted at 14.

She acknowledged that the success of her recent releases, like the 2022 mega-hit “ZOOM,” has come with added pressure when she’s already a perfectionist.

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She established that she already knows her “voice in music” and wants to make songs that are “more relatable” to people, covering topics such as breakups or mental health struggles.

Knowing she wants her music to relate with people on a deeper level, she admitted she’s been feeling “a little lost” because topics such as social media, referenced in “ZOOM,” are more easily relatable to a wider audience.

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Jessi admitted that she’s wanted to connect with fans on a deeper level with her songs for a while, but every time she wanted to release that kind of music, her previous companies wouldn’t let her do it, reasoning that “people want to make pop music and make money.

The prior advice she received, which conflicts with the creative direction she wants to go in, has contributed to her feeling lost.

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Jessi isn’t going to let anything get her down and expressed her desire to continue taking on new challenges.

During the interview, Jessi also revealed how her loved ones reacted to her switching companies, and why they initially disagreed with the move.

Check out more on that in the article below!

Jessi’s Friends And Family Initially Disagreed With Her Decision To Join MORE VISION

 She opens up about her move to MORE VISION. 

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