Jessi Thinks K-Pop Idols Should Just Be Honest About Certain “Controversial” Topics


Jonathan Thona, who hilariously challenges each guest to open up more while filming The Kstar Next Door, may have met his match with outspoken and refreshingly candid soloist Jessi.

During the most recent episode, Jessi was honest about which CEO she prefers between PSY and Jay Park, how the media views her, the secret to being sexy, and why she doesn’t hide from “controversial” topics.

Jessi (left) and Jonathan Thona (right) | @kstarsnextdoor/Twitter

Jessi often embraces topics that K-Pop idols typically avoid by discussing the media’s coverage of her body, the reality of her dating life, the profitability of her music, plans to start a family, how she really feels about her companies, former and current, and more.

On The K-Star Next Door, Jonathan noted that one of the many reasons Jessi is so popular is because of how honest she is, and he specifically referenced her honesty about smoking cigarettes and her plastic surgery procedures.

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Jonathan wanted to know why Jessi is so open and honest, and she revealed that she finds it “funny” to hide the truth.

While she stated that she doesn’t go on programs to detail each procedure she’s had done,  she doesn’t deny it when people notice something different about her appearance. She hilariously noted that she knows a lot of people who have had procedures done and blame it on their “makeup,” but that feels “cringy” to her.

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She continued with an example, saying that often, the K-Pop idols who smoke deny that they’ve ever done it, but if they were to be caught smoking, it would lead to more criticism than if they had just been honest from the beginning.

She acknowledged that smoking isn’t healthy for people, but it wasn’t something she was going to hide because that would be disingenuous.

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She feels that being more honest can open doors for others to discuss certain subjects that may be considered “controversial” now, but wouldn’t be if more people spoke up about it. She’s also seen how hiding certain truths, such as smoking, has backfired for idols who were later caught and received more criticism for being dishonest about it.

During the episode, she also explained why one of her hit songs doesn’t make her any money.

Check out more on that in the article below:

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 She explains why she’s so open with fans. 

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