Jessi Officially Leaves Jay Park’s Agency MORE VISION


Jessi has officially left Jay Park‘s agency, MORE VISION, after just nine months.

In a statement shared in English on MORE VISION’s social media accounts, the agency shared an update on Jessi’s contractual status.

Hello, this is MORE VISION.

We inform you that as of January 31, 2024, MORE VISION and JESSI have mutually concluded to terminate the exclusive management contract.

MORE VISION will wholeheartedly continue to support JESSI’s endeavors; and we truly appreciate your unwavering interest and support for JESSI’s future.

Thank you.


Jessi joined MORE VISION back in April 2023. However, in December, reports came out that Jessi and MORE VISION did not see eye to eye, with Jessi reportedly canceling her schedules. In the end, both Jessi and Jay Park came out to say there were no conflicts between them.

Jessi And Jay Park Shut Down Reports Of Conflict In Message To Fans

 She has left after nine months. 

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