Jeon Somi And Chungha Want To Invite Their Fellow I.O.I Members Over, But Not Just To Catch Up


Jeon Somi recently released her seventh SOM-THING episode, where she blogged the end of her “Fast Forward” and “Gold Gold Gold” promotions and her day at home with two very special guests.

Jeon Somi | @somsomi0309/Instagram

At the beginning of the episode, soloist Jeon Somi spent a day at home and invited over fellow former I.O.I member and current soloist Chungha before Weki Meki and former I.O.I member Yoojung joined Somi later in the day.

The two current soloists reunited and spent their time catching up, discussing the continued friendship among the I.O.I members, and together they filmed Somi’s “Fast Forward” and “Gold Gold Gold” dance challenges.



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While sitting in Somi’s home, the two former I.O.I members discussed the last time they had gathered there, which was with all the former members for a housewarming party earlier that year.

Somi pointed out a hat hanging on her Tweety Bird Bearbrick in the background, hilariously stating it was Kim Sejeong‘s hat and that she had left it there during the housewarming party.

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Seeing the hat reminded Chungha that her fellow I.O.I members had also left multiple items at her house when they gathered there to celebrate their fifth anniversary in 2021, and Chungha joked that she was running out of room in her closet because she was holding onto the items for them.

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Somi was playfully upset as well, saying Sejeong’s hat had been at her house for eight months already, to which Chungha jokingly responded that the I.O.I members’ stuff had been at her house longer, so Somi still had time before the items were picked up.

Somi and Chungha both hilariously left an “urgent” request for any I.O.I members watching the episode, requesting they pick up their stuff.

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Somi was in luck, though, as Chungha revealed she was meeting with Kim Sejeong the next day, so she thoughtfully took the hat home with her.

Somi and Chungha proved the I.O.I members continue to be as close as family, to the delight of fans worldwide.

 They had an “urgent” request for their former group members. 😂 

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