Jawan: Shah Rukh Khan as Vikram Rathore dancing to the beats of BTS maknae Jungkook’s 3D is the collab you never imagined [Watch Video]


BTS ARMY is just not able to get over 3D. Jeon Jungkook is happily exploring new sides to him as an artiste, and is not shy of experimenting with bold concepts. His latest song, 3D with Jack Harlow has taken over the charts. Jungkook has unleashed his sultry avatar for the music video where he talks about being the perfect passionate lover. The verse by Jack Harlow has got mixed reactions. In fact, a part of the BTS Army fandom is also wondering about how did the Golden Maknae get so confident talking about love, life, intimacy and what not.

Jungkook’s single 3D takes over the charts in India

The song has made a great debut on the music charts of India. While Arijit Singh cannot be dislodged from the top spot, 3D is doing very well. In fact, all of Jungkook’s songs like Dreamers, Seven and now 3D are loved by desis, and Indian fans of BTS. A fan has made an edit of Jawan’s Vikram Rathore on Jungkook’s 3D. We know that BTS choreography fits well with most Bollywood songs. This time we have hot Vikram Rathore grooving on the hottest song 3D on the most risque lyrics. We wonder what Shah Rukh Khan will think of the same….

#SRK #ShahRukhKhan Vikram Rathod: i wanna see it in motion, in 3D ? pic.twitter.com/RG9hDehnZy

flo er (@tulipstfu) September 30, 2023

We know that Shah Rukh Khan has found new fans with his look as Vikram Rathore. People are going gaga over the bravery, loyalty and romance that the character brought on screen. Atlee has presented Shah Rukh Khan with unparalleled swag on screen. Take a look at some of the reactions here…


torsh (@tortaellla) September 30, 2023

It’s sooo gooddd god. You nailed it ? ? ? ??

Aayushiii (@aaaayushiiiiiii) September 30, 2023


ved ? (@knjmybeloved) September 30, 2023

Of late, we are seeing that some content creators from Japan and Korea are making reels on Indian and South Indian chartbusters. Jungkook said he watched RRR and even played Naatu Naatu on one of his lives. Let us know what you think about this video….        

 Jawan x Jungkook single 3D: A fan makes an edit of Vikram Rathore grooving on the sexy lyrics of Jungkook’s new number. We wonder what SRK would feel about this one 

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