Jawan: Ridhi Dogra reveals about taking up Kaveri Amma’s character in the Shah Rukh Khan film [Exclusive]


Jawan is creating history at the box office and the fans are going gaga over Shah Rukh Khan‘s dual avatar. Jawan is a massive hit, and the superstar has thanked every individual who was a part of this film for making it a massive success. One actress who played a significant role in Jawan spoke exclusively to BollywoodLife and revealed if she is happy with the final outcome of Jawan. Ridhi Dogra, who plays one of Shah Rukh Khan’s characters Azad’s mother in the film, opened up if she was insecure about her role in the film as it was a massive film starring Shah Rukh Khan and a huge ensemble cast. Ridhi Dogra got up, close and personal with BL and said, “I don’t think I would have played an old character for any other superstar except for Shah Rukh Khan. I was in two minds initially but I was also greedy to be a part of a Shah Rukh Khan film.” Once the actress was onboard and started shooting for the film, everything seemed just right.

Ridhi further added that she wasn’t insecure about her part in Jawan, “For me, there was no insecurity about being part of Jawan, but just in my small space of where I am as an actor, it did feel like, ‘Ridhi, is it the right decision?. But was I unsure about the work I was doing? No! I was 100 percent sure of Atlee and his vision; every time I had any doubts, Atlee was always approachable; in fact, he would come and talk to you.” When asked about her family’s reaction when they learned about her playing Shah Rukh Khan’s mother’s role, she said, “Look, my family is there to enjoy my career and not give me serious advice or anything, but when I was shooting for the film, they all pitied me because everyone knows I am crazy for Shah Rukh, and to play a guardian or mother was like sad because since the age of 10, I have been in love with him.” Jawan is roaring at the box office, and within 4 days it has earned Rs 520 crore worldwide.

 Jawan actress Ridhi Dogra spoke exclusively to BollywoodLife about her insecurities about playing Shah Rukh Khan’s mother in the film and how her family reacted to it. 

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