Jang Da Ah, Sister Of IVE’s Wonyoung, Steals The Spotlight At A Recent Event


Jang Da Ah has yet to debut as an actress, yet the public is already significantly invested in her whereabouts. The rookie actress was recently spotted at her agency’s sports event, leaving netizens mesmerized with her visuals.

The sports event organized by Jang’s agency | KingKong byStarshipp

Only a few months ago, it was made public that Jang Da Ah, the elder sister of IVE’s Wonyoung, would be stepping into the entertainment industry as an actress. Since then, there has been significant curiosity and attention surrounding her every step.

Jang Wonyoung (left) and her older sister, Jang Da Ah (right)

Jang’s ID photos went viral almost immediately, with people offering mixed opinions about her visual appeal. Some compared her to her sister and accused her of not being “pretty enough,” while many came to her defense, saying that her beauty was undeniable.

When Jang bagged a few modeling gigs for brands, some netizens also accused her of being “privileged” through her connection with Wonyoung because she was already doing endorsements before even debuting.

But it looks like the majority opinion about Jang Da Ah is becoming positive as people get to see her more and more. Recently, her agency, KingKong by Starship, posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos from a company sports event. Jang Da Ah was present at the event in the company of senior actors under the agency, such as Lee Dong Wook, Jeon So Min, Go Ara, Bona (Kim Ji Yeon), and Shin Seung Ho.

(From left to right) Son Woo Hyun, Go Hara, Shin Seung Ho, and Lee Dong Wook | KingKong by Starship Jeon So Min | KingKong by Starship Bona (Kim Ji Yeong) | KingKong by Starship

In some of the photos, she could be seen engaging in conversation with her seniors, showing off her innocent yet elegant body language.

| KingKong by Starship

In another picture, she was seen taking care of child actor Jo Si Yeon.

| KingKong by Starship | KingKong by Starship

Her solo shots, where she was captured with a heartwarming smile, also grabbed attention.

| KingKong by Starship

Overall, the pictures from the event seem to have gained Jang Da Ah a very positive reaction from netizens who felt that she was exuding the aura of an actress even around such big-shot seniors. Some even felt that she was caught in a different light in every photo that underlined her many charms.

Meanwhile, Jang is set to appear on TVING’s original drama Pyramid Game in 2024.

 Netizens are impressed. 

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