J.Y. Park Shares His True Feelings About GOT7 After They Left JYP Entertainment, Angering Fans


J.Y. Park recently shared his feelings about GOT7 following their departure from JYP Entertainment.

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GOT7 debuted in 2014 under JYP Entertainment and remained there until 2021, when their contracts expired. After this, the group relocated to other companies but remained a group, even releasing an album before Jay B and Jinyoung began their military enlistments.

Near the end of the group’s time at JYP, fans began openly discussing their grievances with the company over many issues, including mismanagement of Korean and international schedules, lack of social media presence, and not protecting the group from stalker fans.

Some of the listed grievances involved J.Y. Park, who was involved in the group’s creation and music production.

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Because of this, JYP and J.Y. Park have been a sensitive topic for fans who still hold anger over these grievances, though the group have expressed their feelings towards the older artist on different occasions.

J.Y. Park was recently a guest on BamBam’s Bam House program, where the two artists discussed their past relationship.

Near the end of the episode, BamBam asks J.Y Park a final question, “what kind of singer was GOT7 to you?” J.Y. Park responds that he doesn’t think “you guys showed how special you guys are to the public yet.”

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He continues by saying that the group have done well, but that “compared to what you guys have, I’m still not satisfied.” He explains that he believes the group have “more special things” they can show.

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While this statement could be viewed as J.Y Park saying the group have more potential than they realize, it left a sour taste for fans who believe the group were limited by JYP and J.Y. Park to some degree.

literally what the fuck is wrong with this man? GOT7 had EVERYTHING. they had the talent, the personality, the looks. they were absolutely perfect in every way and the only one who was holding them back to be „something special“ is his narcissistic ass. https://t.co/4G587I8Qzg

— dina ✰ (@hopekooksmoon) November 17, 2023

Freaking hate when somebody says you are doing great BUT NOT ENOUGH. Like you the one who didn’t promote them well, didn’t do shits to show their potentials and talents. Wtf https://t.co/vXY9CxQy59

— mayo (@myo_oooh) November 17, 2023

the audacity https://t.co/dZ0j2GsPWH

— ky (@dprgyeom) November 17, 2023

You can check out the episode below.

 His statement could be taken in a number of ways. 

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