IVE’s Songwriter Directly Responds To A Fan’s Criticism


One of the songwriters of IVE‘s most recent album recently responded to criticism from a fan.

IVE | Starship Entertainment

IVE recently made their comeback with “Baddie,” something fans have said is a new sound from the group. The album, titled I’ve Mine, includes six tracks.

As with any K-Pop release, fans have their feelings on each track and will often share their ranking of songs. This is completely normal in any music genre, as everyone has different tastes.

One song on the album that has been more decisive than others seems to be the last track, “Payback.”


— An emotional wreck (@WeirdoBLewser17) October 13, 2023

I’ve mine ranking
1- baddie
2- holy moly
3- off the record
4- OTT
5- either way
6- payback pic.twitter.com/E0Lls7DTul

— n… (@fxpinkss) October 13, 2023

One fan shared their ranking of the tracks on the album, giving “Payback” a zero out of ten. This seemed to shock another X(Twitter) user, who sent a gif in response.

ive comeback rating

off the record – 6/10 enjoyable but nothing special about it
baddie – 8/10 one of their best songs but -1 point for being too short
either way – 0/10 anyways
holy moly – 6.5/10 decent
ott – 5/10 short and kinda boring
payback – 0/10 … pic.twitter.com/XBIcC1MJOf

— mar (@haenesssy) October 13, 2023

0 for payback? pic.twitter.com/oyUFGuGbdb

— Ryan Curtis (@ryancurtis) October 13, 2023

After this first exchange, the fan asks who the replier is, reacting with surprise when he shares that he participated in the track’s songwriting!

Ryan Curtis, a songwriter for Los Angeles, can be seen listed among the names in the song’s credits.

| Spotify

In a polite exchange, the fan congratulates him and wishes him luck on his continued activities. Ryan Curtis thanks the fan and shares that he enjoys hearing what fans think, both good and bad.

wait this is actually such a good thing congrats don’t let my silly review affect u I hope u continue to grow and I’m looking forward hearing more of ur work

— mar (@haenesssy) October 13, 2023

tysm!! I just love to hear what fans think good and bad! <3

— Ryan Curtis (@ryancurtis) October 13, 2023

In a separate post, the same fan shares the exchange and then hilariously tweets that she liked another track Ryan Curtis participated in, “Breath” by NCT DREAM.

@ryancurtis just found out u wrote take my breath by nct dream and I really love that song just to let u know pic.twitter.com/bqhKvVvOrl

— mar (@haenesssy) October 13, 2023

Curtis responds again, listing some of his other tracks, advertising his work in the best way.

ayyy I’m glad u love that one! It was an underrated one on the EP but I love it too. I also did some of these if you heard them: enhypen – bills, EVNNE your text, taemin – under my skin and a bunch more

— Ryan Curtis (@ryancurtis) October 13, 2023

Netizens found the exchange hilarious and relatable, saying they would do the same in Ryan Curtis’s position.

this is gonna be me when i start producing for kpop groups . y’all are gonna be like “eyes on us is itzy’s worst title track” and i’ll be in the replies like https://t.co/Le5dq8FTji

— post joriah weekend depression (@yuqition) October 13, 2023


— post joriah weekend depression (@yuqition) October 13, 2023

I can’t stop laughing https://t.co/TQMcBu7W4n

— s t a r (@atinysomniia) October 13, 2023

 What a good ending! 

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