IU’s “Love Wins All” MV Features Special Guest, And It’s Not Just BTS’s V


IU‘s anticipated pre-release single “Love wins all” and her music video co-starring BTS‘s V have been released.

Due to their visual chemistry, fans anticipated seeing the two singers in the music video together, although he’s not a featured artist on the song.

Yet, there was another special guest in the music video besides V.

IU (left) and V (right) | 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTubeThe music video is a short, dystopian science-fiction thriller film. IU and V are a couple on the run from the antagonist, a killer robot shaped like a cube or box. | 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTubeAt the end of the video, credits appeared on the screen, crediting all the actors and crew who helped bring this story to life. | 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTubeEagle-eyed netizens noticed that while IU and V were credited as cast, there was one more credited at the very end of the list… | 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTubeThe killer cube itself was listed as a “Special Guest!”

did they just put that fkin cube on the credit as a ‘special guest’? pic.twitter.com/gdW42uQ0YK

— keci⁷⁺¹ (slow) (@likechizu) January 23, 2024

Wow even the cube is credited pic.twitter.com/3h3UlwrDer

— Sotong_Q (@Sotong_Q) January 23, 2024

ARMYs’ theory is that the cube was a special guest because it’s actually a bit of a celebrity. It’s Suga‘s sugar cube featured in Suchwita!

IU & Taehyung was being chased by Suchwita sugar cube https://t.co/lDbhWfINDa pic.twitter.com/7OCNjh0PWo

— KeyCee⁷⁼¹ (@nam_jooniebear) January 23, 2024

Exactly. What made the cube go down the path of evil??
https://t.co/4taMp9HHiZ pic.twitter.com/gom86wNl1l

— JRJOT7 (@LetsBeGoodHuman) January 23, 2024

Even if the “Love wins all” MV left you in tears, hopefully, this makes you at least chuckle.

 Did you recognize the guest? 

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