IU Reveals An Alternative Ending To “Love Wins All” Featuring BTS’s V At Her Concert


On March 2, KST, K-Pop icon IU kicked off her H.E.R World Tour at the KSPO Dome in Seoul.


The tour is in support of her sixth EP, The Winning, which was released in February this year. The much-anticipated album was introduced to the public with the lead single, “Love Wins All.” The music video featuring BTS’s V created a huge buzz ahead of the release.

The music video was highly praised for both V and IU’s acting skills, as well as the intricate story building. It shows a dystopian world where the protagonists are trying to escape from an abstract entity that is trying to take their lives. While running away from their fate, IU and V’s characters live their brief moments of love, imagining what their lives could have been in normal circumstances.

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The tear-jerking end of the video shows the couple face-to-face with the “square” that ends up taking their lives. Only the tattered wedding outfits stay behind as remnants of the two lovers.

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my theory this place is souls last destination before they’ll be departed to egregore (the cube) once it’s time and they can experience something they wished for but couldn’t have and that’s exactly what they had wedding with happy ending soulmates that never meant to be pic.twitter.com/zqoNIVSwY5

— yely⁷ (@bichwi) January 23, 2024

While this sad ending got an emotional response from viewers, fans couldn’t help but wish for a happier fate for these two characters they suddenly found themselves attached to. Fortunately for them, IU recently revealed an alternative ending to the music video during her concert. The clip showed a happier ending, with V and IU driving away in their wedding attires in each other’s arms.

An Alternate Ending was shown for Taejun & Jihye in the “Love Wins All” MV at IU World Tour concert! pic.twitter.com/XaKwEGUumE

— bts memeories⁷ (@btsmemeories) March 2, 2024

The video was immediately deemed as the “deserved” ending for the music video. But some also interpreted it as the ending the couple imagined for themselves or it to be the afterlife part of the story.


— tee ✩ (@firewaterkv) March 2, 2024

Now finally I can sleep peacefully knowing they got their happy ending
My heart is contained https://t.co/yYUkUvL2cD

— Mun⁷ FREE PALESTINE (@Mun_tannie_ot7) March 2, 2024

Is this an after death scene???
Like they are together in the afterlife https://t.co/F1AAN0u6Xq

— VSquad⁷ BULLETPROOF (@VSquad23) March 2, 2024

Tae is not blind? A happy ending or just them being shown in the afterlife? Either way it’s still https://t.co/u1fdlHXJ1g

— G ⁷⁼¹ (@FuturesGnaBeOk) March 2, 2024

Who wants a part 2?

 Which one would you prefer? 

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